Webinar: How to Increase Provider Service Logging in Your Medicaid Program


Increase Service Provider Logging
Increase Service Provider Logging

How to Increase Provider Service Logging In Your Medicaid Program

featuring Medicaid specialists from Relay and Dr. Jenny Millard, Executive Director of the National Alliance of Medicaid in Education (NAME)

Who is this webinar for: 

Special Education Directors, Medicaid Coordinators, Medicaid District Leads

Why watch?

One to two out of every 10 school-based Medicaid provider services aren’t being electronically documented. This lack of documentation means 200 to 400 million dollars each year in funding is not being claimed. One of the best ways to ensure Medicaid program success is making sure your providers are logging services in a timely, accurate fashion.  

In this webinar, implement our simple strategies immediately to make sure you’re logging for all eligible claims, streamlining logging, and maximizing your district’s reimbursements.


  1. Learn how to assess whether your providers are logging accurately. 
  2. Explore a simple way to make sure you are claiming for all eligible services. 
  3. Gain new ways to garner buy-in and increase provider logging in your school district. 
  4. Discover how to avoid common denials.

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