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Thousands of schools across the country trust Relay to be their School-Based Medicaid Partner. With more than 27 years of experience, Relay simplifies the Medicaid process by streamlining crucial handoffs, so you can save time and count on sustainable revenue streams to increase your reimbursements and decrease effort.

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Each state has its own way of running Medicaid programs. From coverage to elibility and billing, find out the options in your state and how to get in a touch with a Relay Medicaid specialist to request more information or schedule a chat.

  • School-Based Medicaid Coverage

    Find out the types of services you can reimburse in your state.

  • Eligibility and Billing

    Find out the eligibility rules and billing options in your state.

  • State Medicaid Facts

    Find out if your state needs prescriptions, if it expanded free coverage, and more.

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“Relay has been a positive force in helping us receive the maximum reimbursements. Our Client Success Manager is always quick to respond and to offer tips on maximizing logging. The portal is easy to use and training new staff takes little time. Relay helps to make my job as Medicaid Coordinator easier.”

Lisa Feinstein

Medicaid Coordinator / Warwick Public Schools