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Thousands of schools across the country trust Relay to be their School-Based Medicaid Billing Software due to our user-friendly and secure platform matched with world-class customer service.

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Streamline your Medicaid program through a cloud-based billing software that is compliant and secure.

Speed Up Service Documentation

Speed Up Service Documentation

Your team can log services quickly without cutting any compliance corners. With Relay’s documentation tool, your team can quickly log services with customized options tailored to your state program and district guidance. Logging for multiple days or group therapy? It’s easy with our user friendly documentation platform.

Reduce Data Entry

Avoid managing multiple systems and spreadsheets. Relay automates your student data management between your IEP/SIS/Third Party platforms for your district team, streamlining your current processes and eliminating additional work for your staff. Increase data accuracy and decrease tedious data entry.

Understand Your Medicaid Program

Understand Your Medicaid Program

Want to check in on your Medicaid performance, forecast for next year, or check in on providers’ logging process? Our analytics tool, Flex Analytics, lets you pull reports and create customized dashboards on your Medicaid program, providing visibility with real-time reporting.

Ensure Compliance and Student Privacy

Relay’s best-in-class data security keeps your data safe. Your student and district data is securely hosted in a SOC2 certified hosting environment. Our platform also meets the strictest FERPA and HIPAA state and federal guidance. For an even more secure environment, we have a dedicated, NIST certified cyber security specialist on staff.


Additional Benefits

  • Flexible Buying Options

    Replay provides different subscription options for flexibility in your district.

  • State Expertise

    State Medicaid liaisons stay up to date with state and federal changes, so you don’t miss important program or SPA updates.

  • Staff Support

    Access additional support with paper billing, cost reporting, staff augmentation, and more to save time and decrease admin burden.

  • Program Review

    Experts recommendations help you increase reimbursements and maintain compliance.

Medicaid Services

Expert Help for Your Team

When your district needs support with your Medicaid program or has a question about software, you won’t have to deal with call centers or chatbots at Relay! Our Client Success Managers are your state experts and liaisons, and readily available to guide you through the complexities of School-Based Medicaid in your state.

  • System Setup and Updates

    Your software is configured to district needs and regularly updated if there are state or federal changes.

  • State Medicaid Liaison

    Your dedicated Medicaid liaison attends all stakeholder meetings and stays up to date with your state’s guidelines.

  • Program Assessment

    Our data experts review your program and make recommendations based on your school Medicaid performance.

  • People-First Tech Support

    Our tech team is ready to handle all your tech issues–from troubleshooting to more complex changes.

Provider and Administrator Software Training

When you implement Relay in your district, we make sure that all of your team knows the ins and outs of documenting and claiming. There are several training options available to support the needs of your school district at no additional cost.

  • Ongoing Training for Your Staff

    Virtual and onsite training options throughout the year for beginners and for those in need of a refresher.

  • Role-Based Training

    At Relay, we offer specific, role-based training to cover your entire team, from providers to administrators.

  • Training Documentation

    Training guides and best practices are included, so you can quickly access answers at any time.

  • Quarterly Webinars

    Our webinars help increase your Medicaid IQ and cover the basics of running a Medicaid program in your district.

Flexible Buying Options Help You Optimize Your District’s Current Medicaid Program.

Your School Medicaid software needs to cater to the nuances of your specific district. Whether you are an established team of Medicaid experts or a team that needs more support, our different subscription levels offer the flexibility needed for seamless documenting and claiming.

  • Supported Software Subscription

    Take full control of your school Medicaid program and provide your Medicaid team the tools they need to save time.

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  • Managed Software Subscription

    Get all of the features of our Supported-Billing Subscription with additional features to access more support for your Medicaid team.

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Find out how Relay Supports School Medicaid Programs in Your State

Book a demo or an informal chat to see how Relay can help your district minimize stress and maximize reimbursements, an unlock sustainable funding in your district.

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“Relay has been a great support for our district in helping us navigate the ever-changing landscape of Medicaid and the Medicaid billing process. Our client success manager has been right on top of everything we need to know and responds within minutes to the needs of our teachers and staff.”

Royd Darrington

Special Education Director, Utah