Flexible Medicaid Billing Software Subscriptions

School Based Medicaid workflows can vary depending on the size of your district, team, and student count. At Relay, we offer different medicaid billing software subscription levels so you can decide the right fit for your district.

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  • Supported Software Subscription

Run Your Own School Medicaid Program

Our Supported Software Subscription lets you take control of your school Medicaid program and provides your Medicaid team the tools they need to save time.

  • Platform Setup

    Relay is configured to district and state needs (we even update CPT codes!) to make implementation and documentation easy.

  • Student & IEP Data Integration

    Often, Relay can integrate your existing student and IEP data to avoid double entry and improve data accuracy.

  • Provider & Admin Training

    Year-round training ensures your team and providers are given the best chance at Medicaid success.

  • Training Materials

    Web-based training materials let you seek support at anytime, anywhere for easy troubleshooting.

  • Program Analytics

    Gain visibility into your Medicaid program with real time reporting and dashboards.

  • Bi-Annual Program Assessments

    Relay will review your program twice a year to make sure you are maximizing reimbursements while maintaining compliance.

  • People-First Tech Support

    No chatbots here, our tech support team helps you navigate tech issues or provide you with troubleshooting tips.

  • State Medicaid Liaison

    Your state Medicaid liaison helps you navigate program updates at the district, state, and federal level.

Thinking about Switching Medicaid Vendors in Your School District?

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  • Managed Software Subscription

Need More Help with Your Medicaid Program?

Our Managed Software Subscription contains all of the features of our Supported Software Subscription with additional, hands-on support from our staff to help run your program.

  • Claims Management

    Relay can submit your claims to save you time or to make sure the process is running smoothly.

  • Program Progress Monitoring

    Relay’s data experts will review your program quarterly to make sure you are running your program efficiently.

  • Held Services Management

    Our Medicaid experts identify and rectify held services so your documentation and claims are optimized.

  • Cost Reporting/Billing Specialists

    Relay provides many districts with assistance in cost reporting and other billing services to save you time and ensure accuracy.

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“I have been very pleased working with Relay and every person has been eager to help with my concerns. I appreciate that Relay caters to the individual needs of the county and state. Whenever I have an issue to discuss to create an easier process our account representative has been on top of it. I am the only representative for our small county, so time is my main concern when billing. I have been very satisfied with the relationship we have built together.”

Alicia Benton

MA/Special Education / Somerset County, MD