Relay: The School-Based Medicaid Workflow Solution

We’re passionate about helping school districts generate funds for the delivery of student services, which drives how we develop the Relay solution.

School-based Medicaid is more than just claiming. It’s an entire workflow from service documentation to requirements tracking, to claim lifecycle management to ensuring program security and visibility. At Relay, we make sure each handoff is streamlined, secure, and compliant.

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Special Services Journey

Districts operate in a series of handoffs from: (1) evaluating and developing a student plan, (2) providing services to deliver against the student’s plan, and (3) when eligible, submitting documented services for reimbursement.

This complete track of the special services journey shows how Relay helps districts simplify this track by focusing on best practices within and across each handoff of this workflow. The ultimate goal is to create a solution that providers love with the added promise of minimizing the administrative burden often associated with Medicaid.

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Guiding Principles

Relay’s guiding principles reflect the values and character we aspire to every day with our solutions. As we build new features, these guiding principles ensure we deliver a solution that aligns with our beliefs.

  • LEAD Know what’s coming.
  • INFORMIt’s your data we help you use it.
  • EDUCATE Increase Medicaid IQ.
  • SIMPLIFY Your time matters.
  • PROTECT We reduce risk.

Looking to increase your Medicaid IQ?

Our Resources Hub contains articles and news to help you increase your school-based Medicaid IQ with best practices, tips, and educational webinars.

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“Prior to working with Relay, we were a paper billing district. We struggled with our Medicaid program and the constant changes that were affecting our revenue for the district. Relay’s oversight and management has allowed us to increase our revenues and bring a stabilizing influence to our Medicaid billing program. Their expertise and knowledge of the Medicaid rules are outstanding and have been a tremendous support to our program.”

Typhanie Jackson

Director of Special Education