Managing the exponential growth of data in your organization…


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The secret is out; the volume of healthcare data is growing exponentially every year. The estimated annual increases are as high as 48% based on IDC’s research and analysis. The volume growth can feel overwhelming; however, it represents a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the abundance of knowledge and insight available. I would ask you how you measure success with clinical variation, increasing patient outcomes, and reducing costs. Organizations across the world are adopting analytics to transform and evolve both operations and overall patient care. The good news is, CompuClaim can help you navigate the changing landscape. We are your ideal partner to help you consume an astronomical amount of data, convert the data to actionable information, and leverage the new insight gained through our guided analytics consulting and our FlexAnalytics© toolset. The best part is, it’s working.

Forbes’ featured an article by David Kirkpatrick that states, “Now every company is a software company.” While I will agree with David’s statement, I would say it is not complete. I assert that every entity, large or small, is evolving into a data organization. I find this statement accurate due to the changes in the market place which has become an essential driver of more efficient operations, higher quality of care, information portability, reduced risk, reduced claim rejections, and reinvented the clinical/operational process

In the digital era we find ourselves in; patients are more informed and more empowered than ever.  As a result, healthcare providers need accurate, timely, and relevant data that improves their ability to care for the patients. The truth is, the largest contributor to patient satisfaction and reimbursement is patient satisfaction. With FlexAnalytics©, providers, state agencies, school districts, parents, teachers, and a host of other data, consumers have a clear lens into performance tracking, student progression, claim submission, and claim status (to name just a few).  At this point, I imagine that you are already visualizing the advantages you will gain by being able to monitor, modify, and accelerate care, all from a single, secure, reliable, affordable, and user-friendly tool.

As you travel this road of digital transformation and feel the shift in the culture you are operating in, remember that CompuClaim is here to help you with the bumps along your path.  Our experts can assist you with charting a route through troubling waters.

Date: October 15th, 2020
Author: Jason Timm, VP of Strategic Solutions