Parental Consent for School Based Medicaid: FAQs & Sample Form


School Medicaid Parental Consent Sample Form

Need Help Obtaining Parental Consent in Your School Medicaid Program?

School Medicaid Parental Consent Sample Form

Download the Parental Consent Guide & Sample Form

Effective communication is key in addressing parents’ questions and concerns about parental consent for School-Based Medicaid.  Relay can help your schools to get the parental consent they need to provide students with school-based services. These FAQs provide clarity and reassurance regarding the program’s purpose, benefits, and how it differs from personal Medicaid plans.

Feel free to copy and paste the sample letter onto your school’s official letterhead to distribute to parents, ensuring consistent and informative communication within the school district.

What’s included:

  • An FAQ to send home to families, explaining parental consent in detail
  • Two sample parental consent forms to use in your school district

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