School-Based Medicaid 101: On Demand Webinar


School Medicaid 101

School-Based Medicaid 101: Updated for the 23/24 School Year

School Medicaid 101

Are you navigating the complexities of Medicaid billing within a school environment? Join our on-demand webinar, “School Based Medicaid 101,” where we delve into the fundamental strategies and crucial updates for efficient Medicaid documentation and billing in a school district.

What You’ll Learn:

Understanding Medicaid Documentation for Schools Gain comprehensive insights into the essential aspects of documenting for Medicaid within a school district. Stay updated on the latest changes from CMS and other critical entities that directly impact your billing procedures.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls Discover how to steer clear of the stumbling blocks that often hinder efficient logging and claiming throughout the year. Learn practical tips to streamline your processes and ensure a smoother experience.

Strategies for Efficient Team Training Uncover simple yet effective strategies to swiftly train your team in Medicaid billing procedures. Learn how to foster a culture of success by celebrating milestones and achievements along the way.

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Why Attend?

  • Expert Insights: Learn from seasoned professionals well-versed in Medicaid billing for educational settings.
  • Actionable Strategies: Gain practical techniques to expedite your billing processes and enhance efficiency.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with our webinar and access valuable resources to support your Medicaid journey.

Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself and your team with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel. Register now to access our on-demand webinar and take a step towards optimizing Medicaid billing in your school district.