We support Idaho school districts as they navigate Medicaid School Based Services.

School districts in Idaho see Medicaid program success when they implement Relay. The Idaho-specific platform allows districts to increase reimbursements, while remaining compliant and saving your team’s valuable time.

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“Our district has been very pleased with the implementation of Relay this summer. Our client success manager has gone out of her way to figure out solutions to challenges we faced with changing from one provider to another. She has been quick with her responses to communication and we are so glad she is on our team.”

Jill Daniels

Special Education Director, Oneida School District


  • Data Integrations

    Integrates with PowerSchool and other SIS and IEP systems

  • Streamlines process

    Eliminate paper, decreases double data entry, and increase student data and reimbursements.

  • Idaho Specific

    Platform is SBS compliant and set up with the specifications of Idaho claiming

  • Added Support

    Relay collects physician signatures and referrals, and automatically check eligibility.

Discover how Relay can help in your district by scheduling a chat with a Idaho Medicaid specialist or scheduling a demo.

Idaho School Medicaid Coverage

Behavioral Intervention

Behavioral Consultation

Crisis Intervention

Habilitative Skill Building

Interdisciplinary Training

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Nursing Services

Occupational Therapy and Evaluation

Personal Care Services

Physical Therapy and Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation


Skills Building/Community Based Rehabilitation Services

Speech/Audiological Therapy and Evaluation

Social History and Evaluation

Transportation Services

Interpretive Services

Eligibility & Billing in Idaho

Idaho defines eligibility as Medicaid-eligible children age 21 or younger with educational disability and eligibility for special education for covered services that are medically necessary and identified in IEP, IFSP, or Services Plan (SP). The billing providers are the Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and charter schools. Individual rendering providers do not need to enroll in Medicaid separately.

About Idaho School Medicaid


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*This information is based upon review of publicly available documents as of 2021 and is subject to change at any time. This information should not be considered as legal or compliance advice. Contact individual states or Relay to verify Medicaid program requirements.