We support Illinois school districts as they navigate School Based Health Services (SBHS).

Relay’s future-proofed solutions help guide Illinois districts toward Medicaid expansion with a secure compliant software that saves time with Fee for Service. See below for information about Illinois school based Medicaid, including coverage, eligibility, and billing. Also, discover how to bring Relay to Illinois!

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“Our school district just started using Relay this year. The staff are friendly and accessible. They supported us from inquiry through implementation, whenever we have a question or concern they respond quickly and work us through the solution. The software is easy to use for all staff. We have never been happier with a medical billing company.”

Jessica Sinor-Vanne

Director of Pupil Services


  • Data Sync

    Our software syncs data across IEP and SIS systems for all students, reducing double entry

  • Automated Checks

    Increased validation for increased compliance, reducing human error and tedious admin work.

  • Simple Logging

    Our logs are set up with state requirements to make provider logging easier and more accurate.

  • Reporting

    Best-in-class Medicaid data analytics help you gain visibility into your Medicaid program.

Discover how Relay can help in your district by scheduling a chat with a Illinois Medicaid specialist or scheduling a demo.

Illinois School Medicaid Coverage

Audiology Services

Developmental Assessments

Hearing Screening

Medical Equipment

Medical Services

Medical Supplies

Nursing Services

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

Psychological Services

School Health Aide

Social Work Services


Vision Screening

Eligibility & Billing in Illinois

Eligibility defined as Medicaid-eligible children under 21 for covered services that are medically necessary for development of IEP/IFSP or fully documented in IEP/IFSP. The billing providers are the Local Education Agencies (LEAs), including school districts, special education cooperatives, and schools administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Office of Rehabilitation Services. Rendering providers are not required to enroll in Medicaid.

About Illinois School Medicaid


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*This information is based upon review of publicly available documents as of 2021 and is subject to change at any time. This information should not be considered as legal or compliance advice. Contact individual states or Relay to verify Medicaid program requirements.

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