We support New Mexico school districts as they navigate the Medicaid School-Based Services Program (MSBS).

When New Mexico School Districts work with Relay, they can streamline their processes. They not only reduce administrative stress through smoother handoffs, but they have access to a New Mexico liaison who stay on top of changes and updates with the state. New Mexico school districts also benefit with no hidden costs as their programs grows and have ongoing access to free training.

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“Since switching to Relay, we have experienced outstanding service. They have gone to great lengths to provide us with as much assistance as we need. The team are an exemplary combination of experience, knowledge, and customer service. Relay always provides up to date correspondence regarding any changes in regulations, procedures, and other issues that may affect us in a manner that is easily comprehended.”

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  • Reduce Data Entry

    Integrates with PowerSchool and PSNI

  • Reporting

    Best-in-class Medicaid reporting tools help you track physician signatures and service log entries.

  • Training

    Training provided at no additional cost and no hidden fees as your program grows.

  • Automated Eligibility

    Automated eligibility checks reduce tedious admin work.

Discover how Relay can help in your district by scheduling a chat with a New Mexico Medicaid specialist or scheduling a demo.

New Mexico School Medicaid Coverage

Audiology Services

Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Mental Health Services

Nursing Services


Nutritional Assessments


Case Management

Personal Care Services

Eligibility & Billing in New Mexico

New Mexico Medicaid pays for medically necessary services for eligible children under age 21 (included birth to three) when services are part of the recipient’s IEP or IFSP for treatment of an identified medical condition. The billing providers are the Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and charter schools. Individual rendering providers do need to enroll in Medicaid separately.

About New Mexico School Medicaid


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*This information is based upon review of publicly available documents as of 2021 and is subject to change at any time. This information should not be considered as legal or compliance advice. Contact individual states or Relay to verify Medicaid program requirements.

Healthy Students, Promising Futures “Free Care” Rule:


SPA submitted to CMS to expand coverage to all Medicaid-enrolled students and pending approval.