We support South Dakota school districts as they navigate the school based Medicaid program.

Relay is your South Dakota Medicaid liaison! We check up on changes and stay on top of weekly newsletters to keep your program current and relevant. Find out what Relay has to offer and why school districts trust us to increase their reimbursements while remaining compliant and secure.

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“Relay has been a positive force in helping us receive the maximum reimbursements. Our Client Success Manager is always quick to respond and to offer tips on maximizing logging. The portal is easy to use and training new staff takes little time. Relay helps to make my job as Medicaid Coordinator easier.”

Medicaid Coordinator


  • Reduce Data Entry

    Integrates with SIS and IEP systems

  • Reporting

    Tools and analytics help you track consent, prescriptions, and service logging

  • Simple Logging

    Provides easy service capture for providers

  • Reduce Errors

    Held services reports help you streamline your process and quickly fix claims.

Discover how Relay can help in your district by scheduling a chat with a South Dakota Medicaid specialist or scheduling a demo.

South Dakota School Medicaid Coverage


Psychological Services

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Audiology Services

Nursing Services

Eligibility & Billing in South Dakota

South Dakota eligibility encapsulates all Medicaid-eligible children under the age of 21 for covered medically necessary services and eligible pursuant to care plan (IFSP/IEP). The billing providers are the Local Education Agencies (LEAs). Rendering providers must enroll in Medicaid.

About South Dakota School Medicaid


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*This information is based upon review of publicly available documents as of 2021 and is subject to change at any time. This information should not be considered as legal or compliance advice. Contact individual states or Relay to verify Medicaid program requirements.