New Joint Partnership from CompuClaim, Greenbush, and Lumen Touch Delivers All-In-One Special Education Management Solution


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Special Education Management Solution

Greenbush and CompuClaim’s long-standing partnership is pleased to announce our newest partner platform. We are introducing to all Kansas school districts our Special Education Management platform CompuSPED powered by Lumen Touch.

 CompuSPED powered by Lumen Touch is a joint effort between CompuClaim, and Greenbush to streamline the documentation and reporting that supports special education in Kansas. This innovative solution incorporates the Lumen Touch Bright SPED’s data-driven reporting and tracking with CompuClaim’s automated Medicaid billing and Greenbush’s exceptional customer service to schools. 

 Designed to address the complexities and changing dynamics of special education reporting and compliance, CompuSPED:

  • Allows school districts and educators to meet state and federal compliance regulations in a timely manner
  • Helps maximize Medicaid reimbursement
  • Provides functionality through a data-driven, digital infrastructure